St. Michael Mediterranean Festival

Middle Eastern Plate Dinner

Dinner served INSIDE the Church Hall..

The St. Michael’s Syrian Dinner was first served to Beaumont in 1909. 

Come and Be a Part of our 100 year tradition. 

Dinner Includes the Following: 

Kibbee (fried extra lean beef stuffed w/ sautéed meat, onions, & pine nuts), 

Cabbage Rolls (meat, rice, & spices rolled in cabbage leaves cooked w/ lemon), 

Arabic-style Green Beans, and a slice of Middle Eastern pita bread..................................$ 12.00

Middle Eastern A La Carte Items

Cabbage Rolls         2 for $3

            Kibbee         1 for $3

Cabbage rolls     $12/dozen

             Kibbee     $24/Dozen

Pictures of Select Menu Items

Falafel    $7

Chick pea & fava bean patties seasoned w/ onion, garlic, and parsley, 

served with fresh tomato, pickled turnip, & tahini sauce in pita Bread

Hummos & Pita *    $3

Chick pea dip w/ tahini, lemon juice, & garlic 

Tabouli *     $4

Salad made w/ freshly cut parsley, bulgur wheat, 

diced tomatoes & onions, & lemon juice &olive oil

Kabobs   $7

Beef or chicken w/ vegetables seasoned in a savory marinade 

& grilled over an open flame…

Stuffed Grape Leaves/DOLMADES     $6

5 seasoned meat, and rice stuffed grape leaves with lemon

Greek & Middle Eastern Style Available

Gyros     $8

strips of seasoned meat, tomato, and onion 

rolled up in pita bread, served w/ tzatziki sauce.

Tiropita *      $3

triangular-shaped fillo dough pastry 

filled with feta cheese & herbs.

Spanakopita *       $4 

fillo dough pastry filled with spinach & cheese

Pastitsio       $6

baked macaroni w/ seasoned ground beef filling & cheese

topped w/ béchamel sauce

Greek Salad *     $6

Crisp bed of lettuce , fresh tomatoes,  cucumbers, onion, 

kalamata olives, feta cheese, served with a Greek vinaigrette 

dressing, & a slice of fresh, baked bread

Awamat *       $3 small / $5 Large

Lebanese doughnut served with a sugar syrup 

Pizza Slice      $ 2

cheese, Pepperoni, or Beef


Soft Drinks   $ 1 

Bottled Water   $ 1

Hot Coffee 

~ Greek .$ 2

~ Middle Eastern Coffee $ 2

Cold coffee

Middle Eastern Iced Coffee  $5

Greek Frappe.  $5

Wines by the Bottle

Greek & Middle Eastern $14  to  $18

Wines by the Glass

Greek & Middle Eastern $7

Sparkling Mini Wine Bottles  $7

Greek & American Beers $4

NOTE: * indicates a vegetarian item.


Please be advised several menu items are prepared with nuts. 


please ask before ordering an unfamiliar menu item.


pastries are served 

INSIDE the Church Hall 


outside at the Mediterranean Café booth.

A mouth-watering assortment of Middle Eastern & Greek pastries 

are for sale individually or can be packaged to take home and enjoyed later.

Pastry Shop Located Inside the Church Hall

BaklawA  $2/each

Fillo dough filled with nuts and sweetened with attar (syrup) $2 each

Gribee $1 for 2 cookies

Middle Eastern butter cookies

KoulourakiA $1 per package

Greek cookies Great for dipping in coffee.

Arros $2 each

Savory date-filled cakes

Namoura  $2 each

semolina cake sweetened with attar (syrup)

TouatiyaT  $1 for 2

bite-sized date cookies

Khubaz   $3 per loaf

Middle Eastern bread

Outside in Mediterranean Cafe:

Baklava    $4 each or 2 for $7

nuts, butter, and spices in layers of fillo, topped with a honey syrup.

Melomakarona (Finikia)     $1

homemade spice cookie topped with a honey syrup and nuts.

Namoura     $2

pastry with semolina, coconut, and yogurt; topped with a sugar syrup.

Baklava Ice-cream   $4

soft-serve ice cream, Topped with Baklava crumbles

Drizzled with Chocolate Syrup

Kourambiedes     $2

almond cookie covered in powdered sugar

Amygdalato     $2

Almond paste cookie traditionally served at weddings

Athenian Mud Pie     $2

Double Fudge Brownie


Mini–Language Lessons while you wait!